Gatwick Airport Terminals (LGW)

Gatwick Airport carries out its operations from two terminals South Terminal & North Terminal.

Gatwick, London, UK
Ivy Bidco Limited, managed by Global Infrastructure Management, LLC, part of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)
+44 (0)870 000 2468
Time Zone
051°08'53"N 000°11'25"W

Gatwick South Terminal

This is the original terminal at Gatwick and has expanded to handle the burgeoning traffic - over 32 million people currently use the airport each year.

The South Terminal handles American Airlines, Continental, Northwest, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic flights and many others. For a full listing see our Ailine listings. Business Class passengers get 'Fast Track' treatment, but the South Terminal is still heavily geared towards the leisure traveller.

The Departures and Arrivals areas are housed on the same level but have completely seperate facilities. The Departure check-in arrangements are good with overhead TV monitors and clear signs at each entrance.

Gatwick Airport

One of the South Terminal's main attractions is the shopping and catering area on the upper mezzanine floor which serves both Departures and Arrivals. There is a wide choice and a full listing of these outlets can be found on our shopping and Restaurant sections. The food outlets offer a complete range from coffee and snacks to table service meals.

This whole area is known as The Village and can be used for all passengers and visitors alike. For passengers of Gatwick's South Terminal once you go Airside to the International Departure lounge there is another impressive array of shops (with duty free prices), but the choice of catering is more limited.

Gatwick North Terminal Arrivals - Gatwick North Terminal Departures

Gatwick North Terminal

The North Terminal is the newer of Gatwick's two terminals and was built to handle the increasing traffic at the UK's second busiest airport. It handles all British Airways flights and its partner airlines plus other airlines - see our complete airline listing. Business Class passengers have their own Fast Track access through security to passport control.

The Departures and Arrivals floors are separated by a mid-level containing The Avenue where most of the shops and catering facilities are located. We have listed all outlets in the North Terminal with brief details of their product or food & drink offerings. Upstairs on the Departures level the check-in area is spacious with TV monitors indicating the check-in zone and desk for each flight.

As with the South Terminal the selection of food outlets range from coffee & snacks to a table service restaurant, a burger bar and of course the 'English pub'. In this terminal the choice of shops is as good Landside as it is Airside, but prices can be cheaper airside due to duty free goods.

The North Terminal is bright, clean and new. It is generally quieter that the South Terminal and as such gives a more relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Gatwick South Terminal Arrivals - Gatwick South Terminal Departures

Interterminal Connections at Gatwick

The terminals are connected by a monorail, taking around 2 minutes and running every 3 minutes during peak periods and every 6 minutes at all other times.

If traveling from South Terminal to North the inter-terminal transit station is located on the main Departures/Arrivals floor close to the main Gatwick Airport train station. Follow the signs. As you arrive on the transit train from the North Terminal turn left as you leave the rail concourse for Departures, right for the Arrivals and Meeters and Greeters area.

For those travelling back from North Terminal to the South Terminal the transit station is on The Avenue shopping floor which is between the Departure/check-in level and the Arrivals level. The entry door to the station is beside the WH Smith news outlet. As you arrive on the transit train from the South Terminal go upstairs for Check-in/Departures, downstairs for Arrivals.

The South Terminal is the larger of the two terminals and for a complete listing of which airlines operate from which terminal click on our airlines page.

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